I’m Accepted! Now What?

Welcome to Daytona Beach Summer Mission 2018! We are excited to see what God has planned in and through you during our time together and also as you trust Him to provide for your financial support for the summer mission.  Please don’t hesitate to ask any questions along the way.  We are here for you and look forward to meeting you in person.

-Scott, Kristin, and Hannah


Please follow the directions below carefully.  Most of your questions will be answered in the “Things You Need To Know” section below – if you have further questions please email one of us below.

Check your email often. because we will email several forms that you will need to print off, fill out, and mail to us.  Within 2 weeks after your acceptance you will need to mail your deposit of $200 along with the deposit form(Please do not send cash and be sure that your check is made payable to Cru.)  This deposit is non-refundable, and it is included in the total cost of the mission.  

Your official acceptance to the Daytona Beach Summer Mission is dependent upon our receiving your $200 deposit.   Mail your deposit along with the deposit form to:   

Hannah Spragins

4059 Yellowfield Way

Cary, NC 27518

READ the following helpful information. 

Please follow the directions below CAREFULLY. Seriously, read the stuff below. Most of your questions will be answered in the “Things You Need To Know” section. If you have any further questions please email or hannah.spragins@cru.org.


In addition we have a Facebook page: Daytona Beach Summer Mission 2019. You will be invited to join. This is a private page with up-to-date info about the project.

Things You Need To Know

Here you will find facts and information about the Daytona Beach Summer Mission.  Most everything you need to know about the mission can be found below.  If you ever have any questions about anything, please do not hesitate to call Scott, Kristin, or AJ (our contact info is below).

Arrival and Departure

Arrival: May 23rd, registration will be from 4-6pm.  First meeting is at 7:00. Dinner is provided.

Departure June 12

When you arrive, come directly to the hotel office and we’ll meet you there.

Your Daytona Beach Mailing address:

Your Name
2125 S. Atlantic Ave
Daytona Beach, FL 32118

El Caribe Phone: (386) 252-1558


We will be living in the El Caribe Resort and Conference Center right on beautiful Daytona Beach! You will be living with 3 other students, sharing a kitchen and a bathroom. Cooking utensils, sheets, and towel service are provided. The hotel address is 2125 S. Atlantic Ave, Daytona Beach, FL 32118.  The hotel phone number is: (386) 252-1558.


All of your breakfasts and most dinners are provided.  Lunch is on your own, so bring some extra cash.


Each session will be rewarding, exciting, and fun, but not just a big vacation.  In the mornings we will be learning from God’s word as we study through a book of the Bible.  At night we will have training sessions on leadership development, personal development, evangelism, and discipleship.  The afternoons will involve outreach, small groups, and fun times on the beach. 

What to Bring

Bible, modest swimsuit, beach towel, shorts, jeans, tennis shoes, sweatshirt or light jacket, church clothes, toiletries, money for lunches and entertainment.  You do not need bed linens or bath towels – these are provided by the hotel.  Bring your guitar!  Love to have you help lead worship music.


Financial Information


The cost of the mission for lodging, meals, and materials is $1695. This includes all of your breakfasts and most dinners. You will also want to consider transportation to and from the mission and lunch money. Be sure to save your transportation and support raising receipts for reimbursement. You can raise additional money to cover support raising and transportation costs plus an additional $250 for food and entertainment. The total of your expenses will be due on arrival.  Your deposit of $200 (due within 2 weeks of your acceptance) will count toward this overall cost.

Financial Support

You can pay for this summer mission yourself or you may develop support to cover your expenses.  We strongly encourage you to develop the needed support because it will build your faith as you see God provide, it will allow others to be a part of your ministry, and it will allow you to save the money you earn for school, conferences, etc. Please use this Cru Ministry Partner Development website which will be a great help as you actively trust God to provide.

Have your donors make ALL checks payable to Cru. (Make sure they don’t put your name on the check). 

What to do with support checks:

Make two copies of every check that you receive and send one copy of the check and keep one for yourself. You can put multiple checks on one copy sheet. When you send us your support checks, make sure you also include a copy of each check.  When we receive the checks we will record them and send them to Cru headquarters, then Cru sends a tax-deductible receipt to your donors.

***Mail checks and a copy of each check to Hannah Spragins at the address above.***


Contact Information for Team Leaders

Contacting the Team Leaders: 

Scott Talley, Team Leader: (859) 806-1122  Email: scott.talley@cru.org

Kristin Stewart, Team Leader: (919) 454-6543 Email: kristin.stewart@cru.org 

Hannah Spragins, Operations Team Leader: (919) 250-8811  Email:  hannah.spragins@cru.org